Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keeping it real

Hello, I used to have a blog but I closed it because I spent too much time blogging. Not so much posting on my own blog but browsing all of the other blogs out there. I also recently got on face book for the first time, like a year or two after everyone else was already on. I lasted 6 weeks and closed that too. Why? Well, I had not run my vacuum for a week and I am not sure if I spoke to my children much then either. I have a golden retriever dog and you just cannot go a week with out running your vacuum with a dog like that. It was bad. I have 3 daughters 9, 12, and 15 and they need me to be present when I am present. I am good at being here, but not really being here. Not a good parenting traight. I want to work on that.
When I start something like blogging or face book or what ever, it becomes an escape for me. I understand that is okay, once in a while, for a little bit. But for me it was a LOT of the time for long periods. My desire to escape the every day real life is not much a traight to have either. My life is not bad. It is probaby pretty normal. But sometimes I think that everyone else's life looks better than mine. We are pretty good at wrapping things ( good or bad ) in pretty paper so that they look good from the outside. Well I am going to attempt to unwrap the things in my life and keep it real. Wish me luck....

So, I am starting this blog hoping that I can use it for a place to go to be real. A bit like a journal I guess. So watch out. It may get more "real" then any of us want, me included.

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